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Changa Tuki Classics

by Bazzerk present



Following the much-acclaimed ‘Bazzerk’ compilation, French DJ duo Jess & Crabbe return to curate a second collection under the Bazzerk banner, exploring a criminally unknown dance scene. ‘Changa Tuki Classics’ takes us on an exhilarating trip to a Venezuelan underground electronic scene.

Defining Changa Tuki as a genre is tricky, the respective meanings of the words themselves is a mystery yet to be elucidated. Changa emerged in the late 80’s as a the word to describe all strands of hard-hitting electronic music, to this day it remains the one popular term applied to all forms of House or Techno. The birth of the word Tuki can’t be pinpointed, but to everyone it seems to be the vocal interpretation of how the typical Changa bass drum sounds to the Venezuelan people. With many styles and subgenres being born regularly in the Venezuelan underground scene, Changa Tuki is most commonly used to encompass all these music styles.

From the early 90’s on, House and Techno had a huge impact on the Venezuelan music scene. Movements, dances, nights, TV and radio show all popped up celebrating hard-hitting electronic music. Due to poverty and the lack of available gear and pirated software, it’s only at the end of the 90’s that Venezuela started boasting its own production and original subculture, introducing the local DJ/producer concept. With the arrival of internet access in slums, music production boomed and several subgenres emerged, such as the slowed down Street House or the syncopated Raptor House.

Parties and dance competitions took place, but along with the increasing popularity of the style arose an equally expanding social rejection and prejudice, and the word Tuki became a social stigma. This was the state of Changa Tuki when Pocz and Pacheko first met Yirvin, Baba and other actors of this scene in early 2011. Tuki was a promising music scene that, discriminated against, got murdered in its own country before it even got the chance to flourish. Changa Tuki saw a short revival through a series nights inviting all social classes to mix and dance, but those stopped as violence and crime kept on rising, essentially killing the country’s nightlife.

On the brighter side, the Changa Tuki scene and its original creators are now starting to benefit from interest and support from renowned international DJs, and a short documentary called ¨Who Wants Tuki?’ recently put on youtube went on to reach 100’000 views in one single week. It’s about time Jess & Crabbe unleash the result of their obsessive research into the genre and further reveal to the world exactly what’s so exciting about Changa Tuki.


01. DJ Armando - Nosotros Somos Una Familia Unida Y Humilde (Intro)
02. El Mago - Brasileña
03. DJ Yet - You!
04. DJ Yirvin - Popo Sound (Original Mix)
05. Raptor House - Totalmente Nacional (interlude)
06. DJ Yirvin - Metelo Sacalo (Original Mix)
07. DJ Ronald - Body bass edit
08. DJ Yirvin - Tec (Original Mix)
09. DJ Baba The Raptor – Intro Coro
10. DJ BABA – Bass This (Incognitus Mix)
11. DJ Yirvin - Tomalo Todo (Original Mix)
12. Wapero – Abstractor Radio ID5
13. Pocz - Mortal Kombat (Dj Yirvin Remix)
14. Jairomendezz - Mariwana
15. DJ Yirvin - Ragga Motion
16. DJ Yirvin - Ya Yahoo (Original Mix)
17. DJ Armando – Raptor Discplay (interlude)
18. DJ Yirvin - Metelo Sacalo (Kiev Remix)
19. Pocz & Pacheko - Zarbak_VIP
20. M Peach - La Hora (DJ Yirvin Remix)


01. Pocz & Pacheko - Zarbak_VIP
02. DJ Yet - You!
03. DJ Ronald - Body bass edit
04. Jairomendezz - Mariwana
05. DJ BABA – Bass This (Incognitus Mix)

01. El Mago - Brasileña
02. Pocz - Mortal Kombat (Dj Yirvin Remix)
03. DJ Yirvin - Tomalo Todo (Original Mix)
04. DJ Yirvin - Metelo Sacalo (Original Mix)
05. DJ Yirvin - Tec (Original Mix)


released March 11, 2013


all rights reserved



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