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The Perfect Prescription

by Don Rimini presents:



DJs cross paths. It's part of the job. And then there's us, party people. We come in the club, we listen, look at the DJs taking turns behind the decks, (some of us) dance. We love it. We get drunk (sometimes...pretty much every time). We show up for the headliner or that special favorite turntable wizard. Very often we discover a new one. A DJ that is. Thing is, sometimes we forget who that amazing new artist was. The nightlife is eerie sometimes, what can you do.

Don Rimini never forgets. And now he's making sure we don't either.

Searching, digging, stalking, Don Rimini never misses a (good) beat, whoever is responsible for it. Online or IRL (that means "In Real Life", you just saved 6 spaces on that next text message), the don has been collecting raw gems by complete strangers...who will probably be superstars by June 2011. These nuggets of pure gold have struck dancefloors of the world, thanx to Big Bad Rimini's skilled hands and risqué confidence. In other words, when he spins, you dance AND you discover new songs. Call it educational fun.

Rare products in the mintest condition (that's just a cool way to say "great songs") selected by Don Rimini is the name of the game. 8 steps to perfection according to 3 criterias: be new, be creative, be bangin'.

Being a DJ, Donatello Rimini could not NOT share these finds. They had to come out to show the world the newcomers are real hungry, mad talented, ready to break rules, and about to re-define dancefloors from Chicago to Marseille.

It took 1 year to gather these 8 tracks by 15 DJs/producers from various countries. It was sometimes hard to keep these highly volatile explosives exclusive, but success prevailed and today you get to discover them in full original unadulterated versions. 100% dancefloor ready.

The only prevalent theme is the ENERGY. Musical genres are varied, the energy stays the same, it's big, it's healthy, it's original, it's positive.

Let's go.


released January 17, 2011


all rights reserved